Special operations

Our trained team of technicians and engineers is always ready to provide professional site services with a scrupulous engineering approach on the execution activities, leaving little room for improvisation.

Our site assistance services include:

  • Roof Air Raising
  • Tank Pressurizing 
  • Tank Testing
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning
  • Consultancy on erection feasibility studies and detailed fit-for-purpose procedures


Our services meet our clients’ specific requirements, always tending – when feasible and cost-effective – towards turnkey service executions with our special equipment and under our responsibility and supervision. While we handle their critical activities, our clients can rest assured!

Roof Air Raising

Sonningdale’s significant growth in recent years is strictly related to the Roof Air Raising service.

We implement our technical approach and proven method, providing safety and certainty even in this critical operation.

Our clients are our best references: over 50 dome roofs successfully air-raised in the last ten years.

Commissioning and Decommissioning

Working alongside tank builders, we develop engineering and offer site supervision for a wide range of commissioning and decommissioning activities.

We help our customers to deliver the asset to the owner, sustaining them in all those complex and multidisciplinary activities needed for the commissioning.

The tank cooldown is the flagship service in the cryogenic tank commissioning phase.

We know how to manage this, from the engineering phase to the site operation supervision, specifically preserving the tank and therefore granting the plant’s safety and reliability.