Quality policy

Sonningdale Tank Services Srl Management (hereinafter STS) expresses its commitment to complete Client satisfaction and continuous improvement in all areas of work, operating under an integrated management system that combines the requirements of ISO 9001 with the fundamental corporate values, integrity, transparency and competence of its personnel.

STS provides a wide range of highly specialized services in the field of storage tanks for liquids and liquefied gases, from design to commissioning including maintenance.

STS Management, aware of operating in increasingly demanding markets and with continuously more stringent regulations, believes that a Quality Management System applied to its services offered, can guarantee the continuous improvement of company performance and competitiveness.

STS Management considers the Quality Management System as a preventive tool with respect to the identified risks, which are periodically reviewed.

The company organization is made up of trained Staff and duly coordinated by the Company Management, to keep any operational critical issues under control and ensure the conformity of services offered.

The Quality Management System objectives are:

        Full and growing satisfaction of the Client, providing products and services that meet contractual requirements.

        Compliance with applicable statutory requirements.

        Implementation of information, education and training programs for all Personnel, to ensure a continuous growth process.

        The reliability, development and continuous improvement of corporate processes.

        The expansion of the market.

        Periodic monitoring and verification of company performance.

        The promptly identification and appropriate management of non-conformities.

        Compliance with the financial commitments made to Third Parties.

        Maintain the ISO 9001 certification.


The adopted system:

        It is supported and promoted by the Company Management with the active involvement of all staff.

        It is based on commitment, responsibility, the exercise of leadership and the example of Company Managers, with the aim of its widespread and continuous implementation.

        It is planned and implemented according to the principles of the processes approach and “risk-based thinking”.

        Explicitly defines roles and responsibilities and involves each person, within the scope of their functions, in achieving the Quality objectives.

        Involves suppliers of products and services, within the limits of influence and control exercisable by the organization, in order to ensure compliance with the pre-established requirements.

        It is subjected to periodic review by the Company Management.

        It is structured consistently with the operational organization of the Company, based on working on projects.

All Parties involved can contact the Quality Manager for communications relating to the quality of services.

Forlimpopoli, 31st March 2023