Assessment and Inspections

We are capable to provide storage tank inspections deeply linked with tank engineering solutions according to the latest codes and industry standards, without forgetting construction feasibility and cost impacts.

API 653 Inspection

Our company has an extensive experience in storage tank assessment, fit-for-purpose services and tailored maintenance activities.

We seek the most profitable solutions for our clients, less expensive but not lowering performance, always ensuring environmental sustainability and plant safety.

Currently, two of our tank engineers are API653 certified and able to provide certified inspections and consultancy services according to the latest industry practices.

Tank assessment

The assessment service helps our clients clearly understand the condition of their assets and allows a better planning of the operations, the maintenance and the refurbishment of the storage system.

Maintenance engineering

In the early years, the Maintenance Engineering was Sonningdale’s primary business, and it still is one of our main activities.

The difference today is that we have a deeper experience and a wider field of action, from atmospheric tanks to low-temperature and cryogenic storage systems.